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#elxn42: School District 43 students join red wave

Students cast ballots for Liberal candidates in national Student Vote 2015
Student Vote 2015
Port Moody secondary student Rania Abdullaziz was one of thousands of students across Canada who cast a ballot in Student Vote 2015. The results were made available Monday and showed strong support for the federal Liberal Party.

Not-quite voters in the Tri-Cities were caught up by the same enthusiasm for Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party as their elder counterparts, according to Student Vote 2015.

The national student engagement project, which encouraged young people under voting age to cast ballots for candidates in their ridings for a separate vote count Oct.13 at 16 at their schools, ended up with results similar to the final federal numbers posted Monday.

Locally, in Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam, Liberal Ron McKinnon came out the winner in Student Vote 2015, mirroring the actual vote in the riding. In Port Moody-Coquitlam, local students voted mostly for Jessie Adcock, also with the Liberals, unlike the actual federal vote, in which she polled second to NDP MP Fin Donnelly.

Provincially, the majority of students voted for the federal Liberals, who took 36.59% of the student vote, compared to 23.72% for the New Democrats and 19.22% for the Conservative Party. But the Green Party polled higher among students, taking 16.78% of the vote, according to numbers produced by

In all, more than 850,000 students — from more than 6,000 schools and representing 337 federal ridings — cast ballots. In School District 43, students at 60 schools participated.