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Extra recycling pick-up dates over holidays in Port Coquitlam

City will spend $12,000 this year to add extra recycling pick up dates for residents to help with the build up of recycled materials over the holiday season
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All that lovely wrapping you are now doing shouldn't end up in the trash. In Port Coquitlam, the city is adding an extra post-Christmas recycling pick up. Photo via Getty Images

Port Coquitlam residents will get a little extra help recycling their holiday wrappings this season with the introduction of extra collection dates for recycling pick up.

The initiative, costing $12,000 this year, is a first for the city as it endeavours to come up with practical measures to assist residents, according to Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West.

The post-holiday pick up will also become a holiday tradition, as well, said West, as the decision for next year will be part of the 2021 budget planning process now under way. 

“It addresses what has been a long standing issue of people having it piling up post Christmas and having no ability to deal with it,” West told the Tri-City News. “Since we’ve announced it, we’ve had in excess of 200 comments, people are really appreciative.”

This year’s extra recycling collection will take place on Dec. 27 for zones 3, 4 and half of 5, and on Dec. 28 for zones 1, 2 and the remainder of 5. For an updated schedule, reminders and other tools, residents are encouraged to download the free PoCo Sort & Report app (formerly PoCo Waste-line app), An updated PDF Collection Schedule and Zone Map is also available at


This is the latest improvement to Port Coquitlam’s waste services, which were expanded this spring with the launch of year-round weekly green cart pickup.

If residents find they need additional recycling capacity on a regular basis, they can upgrade from a 240 litre cart to a 360 litre cart for $10 per year, or obtain an additional 240-litre or 360-litre cart for an annual fee of $20 or $30 respectively. Contact 604-927-5496 or email [email protected] for more information.

Other holiday recycling options include taking material to a depot or the Coquitlam Transfer Station or the annual tree chipping event by Port Coquitlam Fire & Emergency Services, taking place Jan. 8 and 9 in 2021. Recycling depot options are posted at, while information about tree chipping and other disposal options can be found at


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