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Extreme enforcers bringing 'NEW' pro wrestling show to Port Coquitlam

Meet the bodyslamming champions of elite Canadian wrestling and entertainment.

A "new" Canadian wrestling and entertainment league is about to bring the heat to Port Coquitlam.

Nation Extreme Wrestling (NEW) is bringing some of the country's aspiring professionals to the Terry Fox Theatre (1260 Riverwood Gate) — attached to Terry Fox Secondary School — to rattle and excite local fans of the sport.

It's the seventh show on the league's agenda since making its debut in Richmond in September last year.

There are nine matches on the bill in Port Coquitlam and will enter the ring on May 28, 2022.

Most of the wrestlers are already well versed in the sport and entertainment world, with one debut tagging in, all seeking their respective championship belts:

  • Travis Williams vs. "The Born Sinner" Judas Icarus (men's championship)
  • KC Spinelli vs. Taryn from Accounting (women's championship)
  • State of Emergency vs. Black Québécois (tag team championship)
  • Eddie Osbourne vs. Mr. Ferguson
  • Billy Suede vs. Daniel Makabe
  • "The Haida Heartthrob" Adam Ryder vs. Vaughn Vertigo
  • Nicole Matthews vs. Taylor Rising (East vs. West showdown)
  • "The 6" Melo, Wheeler and Jessie V. vs. B-Boy with Illa Tribe
  • Evan Rivers vs. Eli Surge
  • Zoë Sager vs. Gigi Rey (debut match)

Port Coquitlam is also set to be the first city on NEW's circuit to have a tailgate celebration party prior to the competitions

A barbecue is scheduled to start at 4 p.m., three hours before the first bell at 7 p.m.

In the event's description, NEW says it welcomes all ages to its shows.

"We want everyone associated with our brand to be proud of the work they do, the person that they are, and the difference they hope to make within our community."

Tickets are $30 for adults and $20 for children.

You can visit Nation Extreme Wrestling's website for tickets and more information.