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Hard Rock Casino Vancouver set for rebranding as Great Canadian Casino

Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam will rebrand into Great Canadian Casino Vancouver in December.
Hard Rock Casino Vancouver- Coquitlam
The 105,000-sq. ft. Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam will rebrand into Great Canadian Casino Vancouver in December.

New changes are in the cards for Coquitlam's casino.

In December, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver will be rebranded into Great Canadian Casino Vancouver, according to a news release.

Great Canadian Entertainment unveiled the casino's rebranding today, Oct. 19. The news comes on the heels of another "successful transformation" in the east: the former Casino Woodbine into Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto, it said.

Founded in 1982, Great Canadian Entertainment boasts a robust portfolio across Canada —  including entertainment centres locally in B.C., Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

The new "rebranded" casino is slated to be one of the company's flagship properties — with the highly anticipated Gordon Ramsay Burger opening this winter.

The restaurant, curated by the Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay himself, will offer a casual dining experience with a touch of Chef Ramsay's signature flair.

In addition to the anticipated restaurant, the revamped casino will also offer a diverse selection of games — classic table games, latest cutting-edge slots, private gaming rooms for the enthusiasts — live entertainment and more.

"As we embark on this exciting transformation to Great Canadian Casino Vancouver, we are entering a new era of excitement and entertainment," said Matthew Anfinson, CEO of Great Canadian Entertainment, in a statement.

"Our partnerships with Chef Gordon Ramsay and Live Nation Canada promise to bring an unparalleled level of culinary excellence and world-class entertainment to our valued guests. We believe that this transition represents not only a change in name but a significant opportunity to enhance the overall experience."

The casino previously rebranded from Boulevard Casino into Hard Rock Casino Vancouver in 2013.

- with files from Janis Cleugh, Tri-City News