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Here's what not to put in Port Moody recycling bins — like dirty diapers and cigarette butts

The city says its collection crews have recently found 'eyebrow-raising' items in recycling bins, prompting a public reminder.
blue bin recycling
Overloaded recycling bins.

Did something that wasn't supposed to go in your recycling make its way into the blue bin recently?

The city of Port Moody issued a reminder to its residents this week after collection crews said they found many items in recycling that are meant for garbage or other forms of waste disposal.

Listed under "eyebrow-raising" items discovered in carts the last few weeks include used socks, vehicle parts, teddy bears, guitars, cigarette butts and even dirty diapers, according to a release.

It goes on to say some specific items have also been noticed that could have big consequences.  

"We also want to remind residents that items like paint, chemicals, propane, and even batteries can spark fires at recycling facilities," the release reads.

"Don’t fuel the danger – find out where to take hazardous items at"

Port Moody also lists its top six "offenders" of items that should not be found in a recycling bin, and where they should be disposed of:

  1. Styrofoam = Return-It Depot (104-2560 Barnet Highway)
  2. Plastic bags = Return-It Depot (104-2560 Barnet Highway)
  3. Dirty napkins = Green waste cart
  4. Wrappers = Garbage cart
  5. Chip bags = Return-It Depot (104-2560 Barnet Highway)
  6. Bagged garbage = Garbage cart

The city says all materials collected by its crews go to Recycle BC for processing.

"Let’s all do our part to reduce the amount of banned material entering the recycling stream. When you recycle right, it makes a difference! By reducing and recycling, you’re helping our oceans and our environment."

For more information on how to properly dispose of your trash and recycling, you can visit the city of Port Moody's website or call its operations division at 604-469-4574.