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'Hopefully, the weather is good.' What Tri-City parents are planning for an isolated spring break

The Tri-City News asked readers in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody how they're planning to handle spring break when 'social distance' is encouraged to stall the spread of COVID-19
tired parent surrounded by children with toys
What's a parent to do during spring break with health officials urging social isolation and kids being off school?

We asked and, boy, did you answer.

The Tri-City News, on its Facebook page, asked parents about their plans for spring break considering the ever-changing situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are they still going to send their children to camps, taking them to public pools?

Here are some of their answers:

• Susan Grimmer: "Going to get out and enjoying nature. Hiking, fires at the shoreline and flying kites at the beach. Packing our lunches and just enjoying each and our family time!"

• Ashley Brunn: "My kids are staying home. I hope this beautiful weather sticks around so we can at least get outside! I've picked up a couple science kits, lots of art projects, we will plant some seeds, bake... Lots to do!"

• Lisa Civitillo Blok: "We are heading out to ski but staying away from the restaurants or activities that keep folks very close together."

• Michelle Edgar: "Movies. At home. Thank God for Netflix and Disney. I also predict an extended spring break."

• Julie Van Os: "We will be building forts at home! LOL. Hopefully weather is nice to play outside."

• Carla Pas: "No camps, cancelled swimming lessons. Just chilling at home playing basketball outside with my boys. Hopefully the weather is good."

• Michelle Hunt: "Unless they cancel the camp, I'm sending my kids. I still need to work."

• Karla Gomez: "Swimming lessons will be put on hold. Staying home and will think of a way to keep ’em busy."

• Donna Fortier: "Crafts, outdoor play."

• Sogol Amirfarhad: "Me and my husband are both working full-time and unfortunately we have to send our son to camp."

• Camila Gfh: "No swimming for us! But yes to soccer camp outside and outside activities."

• Naz Mataz: "Excessive screen time never looked better."

• Lynda Matheson: "Camps are cancelling. No decision there."