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Huge downpour floods homes, backs up sewer pipes in Port Moody

City crews responded to dozens of reports of flooding and backed up sewer lines and the emergency shelter opened for people who were homeless.
Water pours down storm drain
Water pours down storm drain after it was cleared by a Port Moody resident.

Port Moody is finally drying out after heavy rains caused dozens of flooded basements, sewer backups and sent people looking for emergency shelter.

The city reports it received as many as 50 calls for service between Sunday and Monday (Nov. 14-15) as residents dealt with rain flows that surged local creeks and sent waves of water through Port Moody inlet, submerging parts of Shoreline Trail.

"Issues are being dealt with on a prioritized basis," said a city spokesperson, noting it worked with other agencies like CP Rail and Metro Vancouver to resolve some issues.

Residents reported on Facebook there were surges of water flowing through Mossom and Noons creeks and one resident said her home was nearly flooded by a clogged storm drain.

"With some able-bodied help, I managed to clear a blocked storm drain and catch basin to avoid a major flood into my home. People need education about storm water management," wrote Elaine Willis.

"This storm drain was covered under the grate with landscape cloth so the water couldn’t get in."


Work crews responded as heavy rains pounded the city with 10 staff actively patrolling and responding to surface drainage issues.

Another four workers responded to sewer back ups and flooding calls.

In addition, city arbourist crews assisted with tree-related issues while environmental staff were responding to drainage water quality issues where required.

Port Moody's Emergency Weather Shelter also opened over the weekend, housing 14 people Saturday night (Nov. 14) and 10 on Sunday night.

"This is a compassionate response to the plight of some of the most vulnerable citizens in the community," stated Amy Reid, fund development and communications manager for the Phoenix Society, which operates the shelter located at Kyle Centre during extreme weather.

The city agreed to provide the shelter in October, where Phoenix staff provide mats for people as well a hot meal or hot soup or coffee and snacks.

A bagged meal and coffee is provided in the morning as well as bus passes for people to assist in their transportation.