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Letter: Burke Mountain homes proposal ignores Coquitlam city government procedure

Writer believes council doesn't "seem to be aware or care that varying flood protection requirements is prohibited."
dayton-burke mountain
A map of the five acres where PGTL Burke Mountain Ltd. (Townline) plans to create 26 single-family homes and protect environmental areas.

The Editor:

Re: 26 homes planned for new Burke Mountain neighbourhood in Coquitlam, close to provincial park (Oct. 14)

This proposed development is another example of the city varying requirements of its own bylaws while ignoring the process set out in the Local Government Act.

Bylaw regulations are put in place by municipal councils to protect residents and property owners.

Article 498 of the Local Government Act gives council the ability, in some circumstances, to vary some of their own regulations through a development variance permit.

Without debating the creation of lots whereby individual homeowners will have to pay for their own pump to get adequate water pressure, the city ignored the permitting process proscribed by the Act.

Staff and council are aware of this provision.

They recently used it to vary flood protection requirements for a new car dealership at 100 Woolridge St.

Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to be aware or care that varying flood protection requirements is prohibited by section 498(2) of the Act.

By not following the requirements of the enabling legislation our council leaves its citizens exposed to potential litigation.

- Mike Carver, Coquitlam