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Letter: Coquitlam couple's 'faith in humanity' restored after strangers cover dinner bill

The writers explain they even momentarily questioned their server about the unexpected gesture.
restaurant server
Restaurant server with food.

The Editor:

I would like to express a huge thank you to a very holiday-spirited couple that made our day or made our year.

My wife and I visited C Lovers on Tuesday (Nov. 23) for dinner. A favourite location of ours.

Enjoying our dinner and receiving our usual great service, our server arrived thinking our expected bill would be with her.

She courteously asked how our meal was and very politely said our meal was taken care of.

After a bit of interrogation, she admitted a nice couple who we didn’t know offered up this awesome gesture.

To the couple that paid, a heartfelt 'Thank You.'

[This] restores our faith in humanity after two trying years and our latest disaster.

Thank you.

- Richard and Delia Parkinson, Coquitlam