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Letter: Coquitlam school district should make FSA testing "a more valuable tool"

The writer believes assessments can be improved for the benefit of local childrens' education.
BC Teachers' Federation (BCTF) President Teri Mooring addresses the crowd outside of the Hilton Metrotown on Aug. 5, 2021.

The Editor:

Re: Letter: Dear B.C. parents — Here's why you should withdraw your child from the FSA tests (Oct. 14)

In response to [BC Teachers' Federation president (BCTF)] Teri Mooring's open letter to parents about the lack of value of the FSAs [Foundation Skills Assessments], I would suggest that instead of just stating why they are of little value, she should offer suggestions on how to improve them.

As a parent, whose two children went through the public school system, and now, as a grandparent, with two grandchildren now in public schools, I would welcome this.

Education is a valuable tool for social justice and as such, a regular review of the efficacy of our system should be a priority, not an inconvenience.

My hope is that rather than dismissing the FSA, the BCTF will get on board and help make it a more valuable tool.

- Bob Elliott, Port Coquitlam