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Letter: Drive-thru could expose pollution to residents of proposed Port Moody development

This letter writer believes it would be a "big mistake" to build a mixed-use Port Moody project next to a fast food restaurant.
Could you live next to a drive-thru restaurant?

The Editor:

Re: Drive-thru could derail 'innovative' Port Moody development, councillors say (Sept. 7, 2023)

The idea of a drive-thru in or even next to a residential building is a big mistake in my opinion.

No one who has ever lived in a mixed-use condo building, ie. commercial and residential, had nothing but problems with noise, smells loud exhaust fans, parking and garbage problems, garbage rooms and recycling rooms.

Mixed-use buildings are not equipped to deal with the volume of garbage and smells associated with restaurants.

Strata's have always had problems whenever there is a food component in the complex.

Adding a drive-thru will expose residents to almost 24-hour noise and pollution from the cars waiting in line to order and the mechanical talking voice taking the order, which is clearly audible to anyone outside day and night.

If you want to see this in action, there is a drive-thru next to a rental building in Fremont Village (Port Coquitlam).

Go stand there and listen to the orders being taken while parking your car and walking to other businesses in this area, look up at the balconies no one sits outside and no windows open.

Thank you.

- Janet Whitehead, Port Moody