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Letter: Enough with the obnoxiously loud motorcycles ripping through Port Moody

"I'm tired of hearing the 'loud bikes save lives' argument," this letter writer states.
A Port Moody resident is asking motorcycle riders along Murray Street to stop ripping their engines and be considerate of the general public.

The Editor:

I am appalled by the influx of excessively loud motorcycles around Port Moody.

Why should we have to cover our toddlers’ ears or halt our conversations while you rip down Murray Street on your motorcycle?

The noise is jarring and physically unsettling. It needs to stop.

I'm tired of hearing the "loud bikes save lives" argument.

Do you know what else saves lives? Driving at the posted speed limit, not weaving through traffic, and not driving down the shoulder of roads during traffic congestion.

If a select group of motorcyclists adhered to the rules of the road, we would see a significant drop in motorcycle-related fatalities.

There is a difference between motorcycles making minor noise to alert traffic of their presence and motorcycles that rattle windows and completely disrupt public enjoyment of outdoor spaces.

The excessive noise these motorcycles make is narcissistic.

They are saying, "Everyone stop what you're doing and pay attention to me. Stop talking, stop playing, and look how cool I am."

Enough already.

The noise limit for motorcycles is 91 decibels, yet many motorcycles around Port Moody far exceed this.

It's time for police to crack down and start issuing tickets.

- Chris Williams, Port Moody