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Letter: "For me," volunteering during the 2021 federal election brought back some sense of normalcy

During Election 44, the writer says they rediscovered a realization that was long-forgotten... "Canada is resilient."
For one local resident, agreeing to work at a polling station during another election renewed their faith in volunteerism, comradery and Canada's resiliency through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Editor,

The press needs to stop saying this election changed nothing, [because] for me, this election changed everything.

For 18 months, I have rarely left my home except to grocery shop or visit my parents, both of whom live in seniors' homes.

When the election was called I was asked to volunteer as I have before, I said 'no,' but they kept asking until I reluctantly said 'yes.'

I had been inside my own bubble for so long it was hard to leave it... really hard. I did not know if I could do it.

I wondered too if anyone would answer the door if we knocked. They did.

I wondered if we would get many volunteers. We got so many.

I ate food brought in by volunteers and was so happy not to eat my own cooking after a year and a half. Syrian food is amazing! 

I scrutineered at Citadel Middle School and met more dedicated poll workers and volunteers from all political parties.

Volunteers and voters, millions of them, all across this country, came out of their bubbles, stood in lines with strangers, interacted with one another and showed a much more positive sign of Canada than just shouting at hospital workers.

I learned something I should not have forgotten... Canada is resilient.

This election was a huge shot of normal when there has been so little of that.

If this was the "same old, same old," I will take it. It was lovely.

- Gale Fugere, Port Coquitlam