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Letter: How Port Moody's hospital changed my view on our health-care system

Don't believe all the "horror stories," one writer encourages while describing a recent experience at Eagle Ridge Hospital.
The new emergency department at Port Moody's Eagle Ridge Hospital officially opened in July 2022 after a $37.5-million upgrade.

The Editor:

Don't believe them.

When you hear horror stories about our health care system, don't believe them.

The time between failing a stress test, admission to Eagle Ridge Hospital Monitored Care Unit (MCU), a pacemaker insertion, and discharge home was exactly one week.

The staff in emergency and the MCU was without exception marvellous, and, in these comments, I include the doctors, nurses, lab techs, paramedics and others who distinguished themselves by providing outstanding care and concern in their interactions with other patients and me.

There is no way I can adequately thank you for what you did for me other than to publicly acknowledge your care and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This British Columbian has a whole new perspective on the health care system in action and will be forever grateful.

- Horst Siegler, Vancouver