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Letter: How to prevent further bird flu outbreaks in B.C.

The PETA Foundation has written a series of alternate food options to help stop the spread.
More than 7.6 million birds have been euthanized in Canada due to premises infected with avian flu since December 2021, when the first reported case of the highly contagious strain was found in the country.

The Editor:

The best way to prevent future outbreaks of bird flu, which has been found on more than 50 poultry farms in British Columbia since October, is to stop raising birds for food. 

Bird flu spreads like wildfire on filthy, overcrowded factory farms.

It can mutate and sicken other birds and other animals, including wildlife.

If humans stop eating chickens and their eggs, it will help slow the spread of bird flu and reduce animal suffering. 

Many companies, including Yves, Gardein, and Beyond Meat, make great-tasting vegan meats.

Instead of eggs, you can use bananas, applesauce, ground flaxseeds, or commercial egg replacers in baked goods.

Soft tofu works well in custardy dishes like quiches, puddings, and mousses, and seasoned firm tofu can be used in eggless egg salad and breakfast scrambles. And these days, you can get vegan "eggs" from companies like Earth Island.

They’re delicious scrambled or in omelets.

For more information and free vegan recipes, see

- Heather Moore, The PETA Foundation