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Letter: Lessons learned on Tri-Cities winter etiquette

Writer believes residents should make the effort to look out for each other during heavy snowfalls — both in their neighbourhood and out on the road.
Ahead of the holidays, Port Coquitlam saw between 20 and 30 cm of snow fall in a 24-hour span, causing troubles out on the road for local residents.

The Editor:

Hello, from me to all the drivers in Port Coquitlam and the lower mainland.

During these weather conditions, drivers should show a little courtesy and goodwill towards their fellow drivers.

We used to live in Edmonton for 24 years and, during the harsh winters conditions, everybody helped one another either by giving a hand when an other driver got stuck in the snow by pushing their cars out of snowbanks.

Or even doing snow shovel for elders.

Here in Vancouver, it is sad to say we have no found such helpfulness towards anybody who needs assistance.

An example towards this is living in Port Coquitlam....our neighbour got stuck while his wife had to be rushed to the hospital (she is about to deliver her first baby).

Four-wheel drives and trucks are passing by and nobody would stop to help them out.

Until my husband and one lady showed the courtesy to assist the couple and bailed them out to get them on the road.

This is a very sad world we live in nowadays.

And, to say we are all neighbours, I wonder what is happening on the highways?

Truckers are your best buddies, my husband always said when he was on the highway.

So much for "Merry Christmas, no more spirit and good will for men."

Well, maybe let that be a lesson to all 

- N. De Caluwe, Port Coquitlam