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Letter: More parking needed at Coquitlam's Colony Farm Regional Park

Metro Vancouver should team up with TransLink to consider alternative transit options to avoid parking clusters.

The Editor,

During the past year of the [COVID-19] pandemic, individuals and families have been flocking to local and regional parks for exercise and peace of mind.

The increased park user volume has led to a parking problem at many popular parks, such as Colony Farm Regional Park in Coquitlam.

On most weekends (and some weekdays), the north and south parking lots on Colony Farm Road are full from mid-morning through late afternoon.

Metro Vancouver encourages park users to walk, bicycle or take transit to Colony Farm Regional Park.

But these modes are not practical for many park users.

The nearest bus stop is almost one kilometre from the main activity area.

Metro Vancouver should consider putting into use the "overflow" parking area east of the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital; and expanding the parking capacity on Shaughnessy St. for alternate access from Coquitlam.

On summer weekends, Metro Vancouver, in cooperation with TransLink, might consider offering a shuttle bus between the Henry Essen Young parking lot in Riverview to the south parking lot in Colony Farm Regional Park. 

The bus might use a Compass card reader to charge passengers. 

Food trucks might be commissioned to serve users of the Riverview parking lot. 

A festival atmosphere (with social distancing) would enliven the parks and stimulate the Tri-Cities economy.

- D.B. Wilson, Port Moody