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Letter: My Anmore hike was spoiled after discovering vandalized trees

A letter writer says the person responsible for the large two-by-four "art" that resemble realtor signs should take them down.
The view looking west from the top of Halvor Lunden Trail in Anmore east of Buntzen Lake.

The Editor:

I recently hiked the Halvor Lunden Trail on the east side of Buntzen Lake.

Considering the number of people who hike here, the trail is in good shape and largely free of garbage.

Unfortunately, someone has decided to spoil my enjoyment of this route by nailing large white-painted two-by-four "installations" on to living trees at some of the more scenic locations, such as Lindsay Lake.

Most hikers want to enjoy the natural environment, and we don't need or want these bits of "art" (resembling realtor "for sale" signs) spoiling the view.

Whoever is responsible for this vandalism should do us and the trees a favour by removing these eyesores and packing them off the mountain.

- Jon Driver