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Letter: Pay attention, Tri-City skateboarders, bikers and scooter-riders!

A resident says some of his retirement home friends are scared to go outside for a walk after experiences involving "irresponsible" sidewalk commuters.
A skateboarder rolls along a sidewalk.

The Editor:

I am upset and I want the world of those who use motorized bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs and scooters to pay attention.

Too many of them are irresponsible in their travels on the sidewalks and pathways of the Tri-Cities.

A tablemate at my retirement residence in Port Coquitlam has been frightened unduly by such people whose actions are giving a bad name to all of us who ride mobility devices.

When a lady just walking her small dog gets scared out of her wits by some motorized vehicle ride, without warning, almost hitting her or her dog, it’s time to start patrolling to remind these riders to be responsible.

That’s my rant!

- Jim Peacock, Port Coquitlam