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Letter: Pay it forward when you're unexpectedly shown generosity and kindness

"It’s very heartening and humbling"
A restaurant server holding a bill. | File photo

The Editor,

On Wednesday, May 5, my husband and I were enjoying a fine meal on the outdoor patio at Pasta Polo Restaurant.

A lady and her daughter came in for a meal after soccer practice.

After a bit, we got to chatting with her and shared a pleasant few minutes.

When the lady paid her bill, the server came and told us that the lady had also paid for our meals.

We were thrilled and thankful and wished her well.

We have ‘paid forward’ her kind generosity by making a donation to the Share Food Bank.

It’s very heartening and humbling to be on the receiving end of such generosity and kindness.

A big thank you to her and her daughter and we wish them well.

- Len and Raili Damberger, Coquitlam