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Letter: Port Moody archives 'important' for generations to come

This letter writer explains why they would support an archives department for Port Moody. "Please do this."
A bird's eye view of Port Moody city hall.

The Editor:

Re: Is it time for Port Moody to establish an official city archives? (April 12, 2024)

I am fully in favour of Port Moody establishing an ongoing and functional city archives.

As someone famous once said, "those who fail to study and learn from their history are doomed to repeat it" — or something like that.

I am personally fascinated by this community's inception and development and have recently been looking into its history.

So much to learn and so few resources. Please do this.

It's important for our generation and all the ones to come in the future.

The PoMo museum is a good start but it's so small, understaffed and underfunded. It could be so much more.

So, it gets my wholehearted vote!

- Rich Sobel, Port Moody