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Letter: Saving the land is the key to food security

April 18th is a day that should be celebrated throughout B.C., the letter writer states.
Farming is an important industry in B.C.

The Editor:

Like many, I have no memory of B.C. without the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

Yet the ALR is the reason why we still have land that can grow food.

Less than one per cent of our total land base has a climate capability permitting the growth of a wide range of crops and only five per cent is capable of growing any food crops at all.

April 18th is the 50th anniversary of the passage of the original Land Commission Act.

All of us who like and need to eat should be celebrating this day.

In spite of some detractors, the ALR retains strong public and farmer support.

It is clear that the agricultural land reserve has been essential in maintaining a vibrant agricultural sector by allowing farmers to make investments crucial for long-term agriculture.

Saving the land is the key to food security.

The reality of climate change is that we are finally realizing that we need local food production.

Most urban expansion throughout the world takes place on high capability farmland. The ALR is a model for the rest of Canada.

April 18th is a day that should be celebrated throughout B.C. as we finally realize that food producing land is scarce and invaluable.

The ALR is the reason why BC still has food producing land in the Lower Mainland.

April 18th, 1973, was a very important day.

--Adrienne Peacock, Belcarra