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Letter: Should seasonal parking fees at Belcarra Regional Park be reconsidered?

One writer believes financially struggling families looking to take their kids to the beach shouldn't have to worry about potential fines.
White Pine Beach
As part of Metro Vancouver's Belcarra Regional Park, visitors to White Pine Beach on Sasamat Lake must now pay a $2 per hour seasonal parking fee during peak hours between April 1 and Sept. 31.

The Editor,

On May 14, which was Mother's Day, I took my kids to Belcarra [Regional Park's] picnic area for fun.

We drove around for one hour after arriving.

We found a public parking lot, but that led my whole family to rush to the restroom.

We came back 30 minutes later, but we still got a $100 ticket, which is very expensive for my family.

I tried to explain to the officer from the Village of Belcarra, but they just denied my request of [possibly reducing] the penalty.

I told them we have kids to feed and I, meanwhile, only have a part-time job.

My pay is not even enough to pay for groceries, but they said they don't care because of the parking bylaw; [it] can't be reduce or waived.

I requested maybe I could finance pay or we might be starving in the next few days. Someone talking with me just said, "There is nothing. I can’t help you," then they hung up.

The law is law, but why are human rights even less than they're greedy to make money.

I can't even imagine how mean they are to treat a mom....They really just want money.

That is truly unfair.

To let a two-year-old baby and their parents starve; will they feel guilty about it?

- Paris Zhang, Delta