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McAllister Avenue open to traffic as Port Coquitlam puts finishing touches on $4.3M upgrade

The major downtown one-way route was closed for nine months.
McAllister Avenue is now open as the downtown Port Coquitlam stretch was closed for nine months for road improvements and construction.

Nine months and $4.3 million later, a major Port Coquitlam route's face-lift is almost done. 

McAllister Avenue officially re-opened to downtown vehicle traffic Monday afternoon (Feb. 28) as the city set a goal to improve road and pedestrian access by creating a "world-class streetscape" for residents and visitors.

The one-way eastbound stretch received a fresh new black top and angled parking on the north side.

As well, there's now a 2,500 sq. ft. area alongside the future Donald Pathway next to The Met housing-commercial project by Quarry Rock Developments.

"It will also set the tone for the other improvements coming to our downtown in the next few years," said Mayor Brad West in May 2021 before shovels hit the ground.

McAllister Avenue was originally scheduled to open for traffic in December, but was delayed due to the heavy rainstorms and atmospheric river events in late 2021.

Local businesses remained open during construction; pedestrians and cyclists were also able to use the road.

According to the city, staff worked with the Port Coquitlam Downtown Business Improvement Association to minimize impacts and create a community outreach campaign during the improvements.

While the avenue is open for transportation, commuters are being asked to use caution as crews work to place the final finishing touches on the project.

This includes adding trees and landscaping, line-painting, "dedicated spaces for people to walk, cycle and rest" and street-level designs that consist of patios and storefronts "that spill out onto the sidewalk."

Third-party utility projects are also ongoing, which could means some delays and closures until the job is expected to be complete by April.

For more information on the McAllister Avenue project, you're encouraged to visit the City of Port Coquitlam's website.