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New bike racks, lockers give cyclists safe storage at SkyTrain station in Port Moody

TransLink launches on demand bike storage system at six transit stops, including Moody Centre, in the hopes of encouraging commuters to use bikes, transit to get around

Tri-City commuters who want to do part of their route with a bike can safely store their wheels at the Moody Centre SkyTrain station.

Friday (June 17), TransLink unveiled new outdoor bike lockers and racks that can be used by the public when they want to stash their bike and jump on SkyTrain for the rest of their trip.

With their distinctive blue and green signage and metal fabrication, the racks and lockers are easy spot next to the Moody Centre SkyTrain station.

They are also easy to use, simply register your bike through the “Bikeep” app, which is free to download through GooglePlay or App Stores on your smartphone. 

Cost of use is 10 cents per hour capped at $1 per day, and $10 for unlimited monthly subscription.

TransLink is launching the On-Demand Bike Parking Pilot to provide customers with more convenient bike parking options at six transit hubs around the region, including Moody Centre. 

The facilities, which include 10 full-size storage lockers and 10 racks, provide peace of mind for cyclists and are the first of their kind in B.C., with keyless entry and mobile payment, says TransLink. 

If the pilot is successful, the on-demand biking system could be expanded to other stations.

“This initiative is part of our goal to make it easier for people to combine cycling and transit into their everyday travel,” stated Jeffrey Busby, TransLink’s acting vice president of engineering. 

The new lockers use 100 per cent solar power and are now available at Moody Centre Station and Carvolth Exchange, the first of six pilot locations to receive new lockers. In total, 71 bike lockers will be installed at the following transit hubs over the coming months:

  • Moody Centre Station (Available now)
  • Carvolth Exchange (Available now)
  • Lonsdale Quay Exchange
  • 22nd Street Station
  • VCC-Clark Station
  • Richmond-Brighouse Station

It’s hoped that the initiative will encourage people do more of the trips with a bicycle and SkyTrain.

“Bike theft continues to be a barrier that holds people back from cycling more often,” stated Erin, HUB Cycling’s executive director, whose group promotes cycling around the region.

O’Melinn said providing better-end-of-trip facilities, like these bike lockers, might encourage people to adopt cycling and transit into their daily commute.