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Port Moody scam involves man asking for money after his vehicle 'broke down'

A man has reportedly been going door to door asking for cash, and the public is urged to call police if you interact with him.
Port Moody Police Department (PMPD).

Has someone knocked on your door recently asking for cash after their vehicle "broke down?"

If yes, have you also noticed there's no vehicle there to be towed?

This is a scam, and the Port Moody Police Department (PMPD) says the suspect in question is known to have used this tactic for "decades."

The PMPD is now warning local residents to not fall victim as it appears to be circulating once again around the city.

In recent weeks, police explain a man has approached homes and businesses alleging his car "broke down" and attempted to convince homeowners and employees to give him cash money to help pay for a tow truck.

Witnesses have reported that there was no vehicle to be towed within the vicinity of their building.

"We want to remind the public to be wary of requests like these," reads a PMPD social media post.

"If you encounter this man, we suggest you disengage and call us."

In the meantime, anyone who witnesses the suspect or is suspicious of any kind of fraud is urged to call the PMPD at 604-461-3456.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre suggests for Tri-City residents on the fence about a scam to simply say 'no' and to not be intimidated by high-pressure tactics.

It also advises people to "watch out for urgent pleas that play on your emotions."

For more information on avoiding scams and cases of fraud, you're encouraged to visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre's website.