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Opinion: A $1 million B.C. 6/49 ticket is unclaimed and I'm freaking out

Imagine missing out on a million smackeroos
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I’m not sleeping well these days, but it’s not for the usual reasons (old age, COVID-19, my daughter’s cat).

No, what’s keeping me up at night is worrying that someone is going to miss out on becoming a millionaire.

Someone out there bought a lottery ticket worth $1 million, but hasn't claimed it yet as its expiration date gets closer.

The 6/49 ticket purchased in the northern Vancouver Island region of B.C. is set to expire at midnight on March 18, 2021.

That’s just over a month away and it’s getting uncomfortably close for my liking. I know it shouldn’t matter because I don’t stand to win, but I’m really getting freaked out this person has thrown out the ticket or forgotten about it in their sock drawer.

It’s a nightmare I’ve had before. I never throw out my lottery tickets. I keep them just in case the machine I checked it on wasn’t working properly. BCLC always tweets about tickets that are set to expire so saving the tickets is a safety net.

Yes, I know it’s irrational, but here we are. (OCD is a helluva thing.)

Just imagine finding out you missed out on a million dollars.

BCLC is encouraging players in a news release who purchased a ticket for the March 18, 2020 draw in this region to check their tickets for the winning numbers: 19117903-02. Players can find the Guaranteed Prize Draw number displayed underneath the main set of six numbers and can check their tickets anytime on the BCLC Lotto! app here.

The North Island region includes Alert Bay, Telegraph Cove, Port Hardy, Coal Harbour and Port McNeill, among other municipalities.

All lottery prize winners have 52 weeks from the draw date printed on their ticket to come forward to claim their prize and all tickets are valid for one year after the date of the draw.

The specific retail location where the winning lottery ticket was purchased, and the lottery winner’s name will be announced after the winner has come forward to claim the prize.

More information about how to claim a lottery prize is available here:

In 2020, BCLC paid out more than $691 million in lottery prizes.

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