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Opinion: Don't be the jerk driver who traps people in parking lots

Society needs people to be better
bad person
Don't park this close to someone's vehicle.

Police always warn people to “be aware of your surroundings” in regards to personal safety.

But I’m going to add “drivers” to this category, as in drivers, please be aware of your surroundings so you don’t be a jerk.

I’m referring to the photo above and the art of being a jerk by parking in such a way that you block another driver’s ability to get into their vehicle.

You know who you are.

You’re bad, very bad. You have no conscience. Or, at least, you’re clueless and oblivious so please wake up.

This photo was tweeted by one of my favourite Twitter follows, Graeme McRanor, who is blessed with an absurdly dry sense of humour and sharp view of our society.

On this occasion, he had little humour left in him while in a store parking lot.

“Had to wait 10 minutes for this guy to come out of coffee shop so I could get into my car,” McRanor tweeted. “When I confronted him he said he was in a rush and had to go. I was going to crawl through my passenger door but then I thought it better to wait for the guy so I could point out what an a**hole he is. It was some kid in his 20s, he said sorry but he didn’t care.”

I mean just look at this annoying behaviour. It's so preventable.

Yeah, yeah, I know I’ll hear from all of the usual suspects when it comes to my bad drivers blogs.

“You’re being divisive!”

“People make mistakes!”

I’ve heard all the responses before. Look, I’m not perfect, but I take great care when I am parking to not block people behind me or beside me.

We’re all in this society together so we have to take extra care to not screw somebody over. Not everyone can crawl through their trunk or from the other side of a vehicle.

Nor should anyone have to. If a space is too tight then suck it up and drive to another spot that’s farther away from the door of the store.

You can walk the few extra feet.

Do it for Graeme and the rest of us.

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