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Photos: Out-of-control Christmas dinner in this Coquitlam farce

'Happy Hollandaise' is the title of this season's offering by the Dogwood Drama Club in Coquitlam.

It's Christmas Eve and Claire is trying to make a meal to welcome the new vicar.

But a series of unfortunate events disrupts the party, including an attempted burglary.

That's the plot of the farce Happy Hollandaise, a play by Tim Koenig that’s being mounted by Coquitlam's Dogwood Drama Club.

The production marks the directorial debut for Jean Baker, a longtime member of the 50-plus theatrical troupe that will present the show at the Dogwood Pavilion (1655 Winslow Ave.) from Dec. 10 to 12 at 1:30 p.m. in the Mike Butler Room.

Tickets at $10 can be bought at the door, from club members or from the Dogwood Designs gift shop at the pavilion.

You can also call 604-931-5243 for more information