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PHOTOS: Port Coquitlam woman dies in hospital from fatal pedestrian collision

The driver is cooperating after a 25-year-old woman was hit at the intersection of Shaughnessy Street and Lobb Avenue.

A 25-year-old woman was the victim of a fatal pedestrian collision in Port Coquitlam this morning (Nov. 9).

RCMP confirmed to the Tri-City News she died in hospital resulting from injuries after a vehicle collision at the intersection of Shaughnessy Street and Lobb Avenue.

Police were called to the scene around 7 a.m., said spokesperson Const. Deanna Law.

The woman — a resident of Port Coquitlam — was taken to hospital in critical condition. Law explained the driver of the vehicle involved is cooperating with the investigation.

She adds speed and impairment are not believed to be factors that led to the crash.

The investigation is ongoing and no other information is being released at this time.


ICBC tells the Tri-City News its latest stats reveal that an average of 52 pedestrians die each year from motor vehicle incidents across the province each year, while more than 2,400 are left injured.

Of those numbers, 79 per cent take place at intersections and many are the result of distracted driving and failing to yield for pedestrians.

The provincial agency adds 55 per cent of pedestrian deaths take place between October and January.

RCMP provide the following tips to avoid pedestrian collisions:


  • Focus on the road. Always leave your phone alone while driving.
  • Be ready to yield to pedestrians, especially when turning at intersections and near transit stops.
  • If a vehicle has stopped in front of you or in the lane next to you, it may be yielding for a pedestrian.
  • Expect the unexpected, even mid-block, as pedestrians may be jaywalking.
  • Slow down. Give yourself more time to react to the unexpected, like a pedestrian that suddenly appears in front of you.


  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. Do not assume a driver has seen you.
  • Dress to be seen in bright or reflective clothing especially at night and on dark/overcast days.
  • Use a crosswalk, a majority of the fatal pedestrian collisions involve jaywalking.
  • Walk on the inside edge of the sidewalk so you are further away from traffic.
  • If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles.
  • Make sure you can hear and see oncoming cars. Remove your headphones and your hood when crossing the street.
  • Always look for signs that a vehicle is about to move (rear lights, exhaust smoke, sound of motor, wheels turning).