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'Play through,' says lounging bear to Coquitlam golfers

A bear snacking on grass and dandelions near the 13th green at Westwood Plateau golf club wasn't too happy about the intrusion by an errant shot. So it let the golfers know. The video of its reaction has gone viral.

A bear snacking on grass and dandelions near the 13th green at Westwood Plateau golf club in Coquitlam took exception to an interruption by a shot that went long. And its reaction is going viral.

Mark Pettie, a Coquitlam insurance agent and vice president of the Coquitlam Express junior hockey team, said he and some companions were playing their regular round last Tuesday when a pair of bruins ambled up the path towards a sand trap off the 13th green.

As the golfing buddies drove up, one of the bears disappeared into the nearby bushes, but the other proceeded to lay down and start noshing on the lush green grass and weeds.

Pettie said even a ruckus by his group failed to roust the remaining bear from his snack, until it finally got up, strolled over to the ball that had overshot the green and the sand trap, picked it up in its mouth and tossed it away. The bear then walked nonchalantly back to the forest.

"It was so intentional," Pettie said, who recorded the exchange on his phone. "It was annoyed that we made him move."

Afterward, Pettie's son uploaded the 15-second video clip of the bear’s commentary on the wayward golf shot to a golf website, which was then picked up by the popular Barstool Sports Instagram page. Since it was posted on Thursday, it’s been viewed almost 1.2 million times, much to the hilarity of some commentors.

“Sorry shooter, but the rules say you must play through,” said one.

“Gotta play it where it lies,” said another.

Pettie said the whole experience has been unbelievable, as his foursome's weekly round has become a global source of amusement.