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Port Coquitlam artist to exhibit in West Hollywood next week

Kimberly Blackstock will display 'It Takes Guts to Be This Happy' at the Artspace Warehouse in Los Angeles, Cali.
Kimberly Blackstock is a Port Coquitlam artist.

Port Coquitlam artist Kimberly Blackstock will be in West Hollywood next week for the opening of her solo show.

Her exhibit, titled It Takes Guts to Be This Happy, will be featured for a week at the Artspace Warehouse, which last year featured some of Blackstock’s pieces at an art fair in New York.

For her Los Angeles show, Blackstock created 20 new works that highlight her vibrant acrylic paint and pouring technique.

The collection aims to give her audience a positive lift.

“By adding playful colours in repetitive patterns, the artist builds a sense of trust and familiarity with her viewers, allowing them to connect with the artwork and feel joy,” the gallery states in a news release.

The series is in response to Blackstock’s own struggles with mental health, as well as her daughter’s battle with anorexia. It aims to spark conversation about the need for self-care.

“Through this exhibition, she aims to offer a message of hope and resilience by encouraging discussions about mental health and showcasing the transformative power of art to bring people together.”