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Port Coquitlam author's second novel portals readers to the mystic arts

This is also the first published fictional story in 10 years for Erik Daniel Boudreau, also a naturopathic doctor in downtown Port Coquitlam.
Port Coquitlam author and naturopathic doctor Erik Daniel Boudreau has returned to the world of fiction for the first time in 10 years, publishing his first-ever fantasy novel, "Mystic Pursuit."

Erik Daniel Boudreau's name is back on bookshelves for the first time in 10 years.

The Port Coquitlam resident, naturopathic doctor and fiction writer recently published his second novel - this time, he's taking readers into a fantasy world of magic.

Mystic Pursuit: The Inner Realm is "book one" of what will be a series of adventures between humans and mystics.

It's Boudreau's first-ever fantasy story. His first book in 2013, Tidal Force, was a suspenseful political thriller that explored the dark corners of Washington, D.C.

Mystic Pursuit follows a future millennia when sentient beings and humans "harmoniously" co-exist, but there's one that wants to destroy it all after experiencing a vision of the world's end.

"It was a world like our own, in an age lost to time," reads a synopsis of Boudreau's novel, officially published by Cosmic Egg Books on June 30.

Boudreau said he grew up in Montreal and Toronto before settling in Port Coquitlam.

He was surrounding by a "wealth of cultural diversity," which he explains sparks great inspiration for his writing.

"I often find myself halfway through reading a book when my imagination starts taking the story in another direction entirely."

Boudreau has practiced as a naturopathic doctor since 2004.

Digital and physical copies of Mystic Pursuit: The Inner Realm: Book One are available on Amazon. Additional ebooks can be found on Kobo and Google Play.\

For more information about Boudreau, you can visit his author website.

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