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Port Moody 'L' driver punished for driving twice the speed limit — after failing ICBC test

Bad decision by learner driver results in Port Moody police impounding the car
Port Moody L speeding ticket
Here's how fast the 'L' driver was going when clocked by radar.

A learner driver has learned a tough lesson in safe driving.

Port Moody police (PMPD) report confiscating the vehicle of an 'L' driver who was clocked driving 94 km/h in a 50 zone last Wednesday (March 16).

The kicker, according to a social media post from the PMPD, was that the learner driver had just failed their ICBC test when they were caught speeding.

In addition to the speeding infraction, the driver failed to have a required supervisor in the vehicle.

The vehicle was confiscated and the driver also received a speeding ticket at the side of the road.

The tweet is also serving as a warning to drive safely and meet all driving requirements when learning to drive.