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Proposed upgrade to downtown Port Coquitlam gathering spot could have a new water feature

Port Coquitlam council to finalize plans to upgrade Veterans Square, Leigh Square and the Donald Pathway at a cost of $5.9 million
Photo of a colourful fountain at night by Nikolay Dukov on Unsplash

Port Coquitlam is putting the finishing touches to plans to upgrade two prominent downtown civic facilities, with work to start as soon as this summer.

And one of the ideas is to put a new water feature in a revamped Leigh Square plaza. Currently, there is a concrete pond at Leigh Square.

Tuesday (Feb. 15), Port Coquitlam politicians are expected to take a closer look at recommendations and finalize spending for the project.

Originally pegged at $5.8 million, a final plan with some changes and additions would come in at $5.9 million, requiring the city to fund the remaining $100,000 from accumulated surplus.

Here's what staff are recommending:

  • Relocating the cenotaph in Veterans Square to the middle of the plaza in front of city hall, adding lighting and seating
  • Removing the existing bandshell in Leigh Square and replacing it with a new pavilion, plus lighting and trees
  • Adding a new water feature that could have a play function
  • Extending the Donald Pathway from Wilson Avenue to McAllister Avenue 
  • Adding a bike lane along the Donald Pathway to separate cyclists from pedestrians

Numerous other suggestions are contained in a report to council here, but the plan is to approve a final scope and budget so the work can start in August 2022.

The Veterans Square changes could be completed in time for Remembrance Day, while the Leigh Square and Donald Pathway work would be finished in the late spring of 2023.

The virtual committee of council meeting takes place at 2 p.m., tomorrow.