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Renos shut Coquitlam animal shelter

Some cats may be living the trailer life as renovations threaten their naps and health.
Coquitlam Animal shelter
Staff member Amy Johnson takes care of one of the shelter's feline residents. Staff say they are concerned that one of the adoptable cat rooms could be filled with noise and dust.

Coquitlam’s animal shelter will be temporarily closing its doors to the public as the 17-year-old building undergoes renovations from April 29 to May 3.

The shelter opened in 2003, and over the last 17 years general wear and tear has left the floors and customer service area in disrepair.

While the administration side of the building gets a makeover, staff members say they are concerned about the effects noise and airborne construction debris could have on one of the adjacent cat rooms.

“One of the adoptable cat rooms has an open roof so dust and other particles could get in there,” said Sarah Bull, the facility’s acting manager.

The animal shelter has set aside a trailer, usually reserved for overflow or to quarantine sick animals, to house the displaced felines.

Under normal working conditions, the animal shelter reunites lost pets with owners, offers kennel boarding, pet adoption and cat ID registration.

If you need to contact the animal shelter during the temporary closure, you can call them at 604-927-7387 or email at

If you have a question about a ticket or bylaw, you can go in person to the bylaw counter at city hall, call 604-927-7387, or email at