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Ribbons on giant tree cheer frontline workers in this Port Coquitlam neighbourhood

Residents encouraged to tie ribbons to a tall tree to brighten the neighbourhood for frontline workers doing their difficult jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Judy Stead and Joanne Pesusich tie ribbons to a large tree at the corner of Citadel and Colonial drives in Port Coquitlam that they're hoping to turn into a neighbourhood display of thanks to frontline workers coping with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tie a yellow ribbon ‘round the old oak tree is the way the song goes. 

But that tune is being updated for the COVID-19 pandemic by a Port Coquitlam resident seeking to uplift spirits and hearts during these challenging time.

Joanne Pesusich has begun tying colourful ribbons on to a giant fir tree outside her home in Citadel Heights. 

Now, she wants others to join in the effort in support of frontline workers.

“I feel like frontline workers are exhausted and overwhelmed; it would be nice to boost their spirits,” said Pesusich, who is a dance teacher and choreographer.

The project is an offshoot of a community effort to decorate the tree, located at 2314 Colonial Dr., earlier this winter when people hung dozens of balls, lights and garlands for Christmas. “It was a little brightening of our corner,” said Pesusich.

When the decorations came down, though, the tree looked a little bare so Pesusich set about adding colourful ribbons in support of frontline workers who may be struggling at this time.

“It was actually my mom’s idea,” said Pesusich, who said a lot of her friends and neighbours are frontline workers who “don’t complain” even though they “work long hours and are treated poorly.”

So far, people have appreciated the effort to cheer up the neighbourhood, Pesusich said, but she’d like to see more ribbons added to create a real splash. 

“I’ve had some people I don’t even necessarily know leave a message on Facebook, saying, ‘Thank you from a personal standpoint. It’s a nice gesture.’”

“That was my whole goal,” she said.