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Road to popular Coquitlam park closed due to bear activity

Do you visit Minnekhada park in the summer? For now, there's only one road into the site after Metro Vancouver shut down Oliver Road.
Minnekhada Bears
Oliver Road to Minnekhada Regional Park in Coquitlam was closed to vehicles effective June 7, with the closure expected to last four months.

There's only one road for vehicles into Minnekhada Regional Park after Metro Vancouver shut down Oliver Road due to bear activity.

The closure is expected to last for four months, according to the regional authority, leaving Quarry Road as the only main entrance point for now.

There is parking on Quarry Road close to the Coquitlam park, which is popular for day hikers.

Closing Oliver Road is to "keep bears and people safe," according to Metro Vancouver, and is "based on bear activity in the immediate area, developing blueberry crops, and the high potential for negative human bear interactions."

Stay safe from bears in Minnekhada Park

In previous years, prior to the annual closing, visitors would park on the side of the narrow road to take photos of the bruins.

For those who visit Minnekhada Park this summer, the following tips are provided to stay safe:

  • Bears are wild, unpredictable and can run faster than humans over any type of ground
  • If you see a bear, stay back 100 metres. Never approach a bear; be prepared to retrace your route to avoid bears
  • If you encounter a bear, stay calm and slowly back away

Bears that become comfortable near people can be more dangerous to humans or may be destroyed.

Negative bear-human interactions may result in closures of other areas within the park, Metro Vancouver states on the park's website.

Summer activities for families

Despite the warning, there are a number of events slated to take place in Minnekhada Regional Park this summer, including: