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Savoury Korean hot dogs coming to Coquitlam for Canadian expansion

These are Arirang hotdogs and croquettes! The global franchise gives foodies the chance to customize their fillings and toppings in a twist of flavours.

Nothing says summer like the hot dog — a classic staple for the barbecue or the ballpark that can satisfy impromptu cravings.

But a international company has taken the hot dog and dialed it up to 11 by concocting unique flavour twists, and Tri-Cities foodies (and hot dog munchers alike) will soon get the chance to try one.

Arirang Hotdog and Croquette is set to open in Coquitlam on Aug. 1 and will be the franchise's fifth Canadian location as part of its expansion across the country.

Today (July 26), the Korea-based establishment is opening a shop in Calgary. Toronto got the first restaurant in September 2021 before two more hit the grill in Montreal in June.

Canada is also Arirang's first business on North American soil.

The restaurant's website says, since its 2014 inception, it has more than 500 locations set up in countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia.

Arirang's menu is famous for its original hot dog wrapped in its signature breading, but one of its Canadian expressions is the poutine dog, which is rolled up in cheese curds and gravy.

Visitors can also customize their filling at the counter with either a beef or pork hot dog, mozzarella or marble cheese, or a half-and-half of each.

As well, if you're craving a sweeter stick, Arirang even had churro and Oreo crumble-covered hot dogs.

The company's croquettes — small Korean breaded and deep-fried dumplings — come in a variety of somewhat spicier tastes, including curry, red bean, and kimchi and bacon.

For more information, you can visit Arirang's website.

It's Coquitlam location will be set up in Henderson Place Mall at 1163 Pinetree Way on Aug. 1.