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Signs are regulated

Tri-City civic governments are strengthening rules regulating campaign signs in advance of the Nov. 19 municipal elections.

Tri-City civic governments are strengthening rules regulating campaign signs in advance of the Nov. 19 municipal elections.

In the past, candidates have plastered their names all over the region, cluttering up public spaces and in some instances creating distractions for drivers.

But with the 2011 race underway, new rules are in place that should limit the number of signs a candidate can put up on public property and where they can be placed.

Susan Rauh, Port Coquitlam's chief elections officer, told The Tri-City News residents complained during past elections about visual pollution. "We just want to keep better control of it," said Rauh. "One of the big concerns we get from residents is there are too many signs and they are everywhere."

In both Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam, candidates' signs cannot be erected on public property more than 10 days prior to the municipal election and must be removed within four days following the vote.


Coquitlam candidates who want to put up signs on public property are limited to one per location at the following places :

northeast corner of Coast Meridian and Victoria Drive;

southwest corner of the Lougheed Highway and Chilko Drive;

northwest corner of Como Lake Avenue and Mariner Way;

east side of North Road at Cameron Street;

northwest corner of Lougheed Highway and King Edward Street;

southwest corner of Glen Drive and Johnson Street;

Lougheed Highway across from Colony Farm Road;

and United Boulevard and Cape Horn intersection.

port coquitlam

Port Coquitlam also limits candidates to one sign per location at the following places:

Granny Smith Park Boulevard (north east corner of Shaughnessy Street and Wilson Avenue;

Shaughnessy Street, south of Nacht Avenue (east side boulevard);

Kingsway Avenue, between Kelly Avenue and Wilson Avenue (eastside boulevard);

Boulevard in front of 2061 Kingsway Avenue;

Boulevard in front of 1855 and 1925 Kingsway Avenue;

Shaughnessy Street, just south of Citadel Drive (past the parking lot area);

Boulevard between the Mary Hill Bypass and Argue Street (west of Pitt River Road);

Boulevard area between the Lougheed Highway and the Oxford Connector (in front of the parking lot for the stores);

Coast Meridian Road, just north of Prairie Avenue on west boulevard;

Shaughnessy Street, just south of Manning Avenue, north of the Lougheed Highway;

Westwood Street, south of Kitchener Avenue;

City-owned property at the south-west corner of Kingsway Avenue and Maple Street.


Election signs on public property in Port Moody are permitted in the following locations:

Murray Street median (near works yard);

Murray Street Boulevard (north side);

Clarke Road hill (east side);

Clark Road hill island near apartments;

Glenayre Drive (west side);

College Park Way at Easthill service road;

Barnet Highway at Westwood Honda;

Guildford media at Ioco;

St. Johns Street (Douglas to Queens);

Ioco Road at Pioneer Park;

Ioco Road (800-block);

Heritage Mountain Boulevard (west side, north and south of ravine);

Falcon Drive at Noons Creek;

Ailsa Avenue on north side of Glenayre;

and Union at Shoreline Circle.