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Smoking in Coquitlam parks, on trails will now cost you $500

The city's bylaw fine for smoking in parks and on trails went up on Saturday, June 1, 2024. The fine returns to $150 after Sept. 30.
20220914 smoker 0001
Smokers caught lighting a stick on Coquitlam trails and in local parks could face a $500 fine. | File photo

Don’t light up in parks and on trails in Coquitlam.

Visitors caught smoking in the city’s green spaces now face a $500 fine.

On Saturday, June 1, the penalty rose from $150 and, because of the fire risk, will stay at $500 until Sept. 30.

As in past years, emergency personnel and bylaw enforcement officers will be out this summer to check for smokers in parks and forested areas, and issue e-tickets to violators.

If you see someone smoking in a park, you can call the city’s bylaw office at 604-927-3580 or email [email protected].

In addition, if you toss a cigarette butt on the ground anywhere in Coquitlam or throw it out a vehicle window, you’re also facing a $150 fine.

Follow these tips for fire safety this summer:

  • don’t have open fires or burn outdoors
  • move combustible debris or firewood at least 10 metres away from any structure
  • remove dead needles from roofs and gutters, and prune branches hanging over a roof
  • reduce debris around your home, including overgrown vegetation
  • be sure to avoid rocks when mowing (it can spark a fire)

You can visit the city’s website for more information about the summer fire season.