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This tiny house on a humungous Coquitlam lot is for sale at $1.4M

A tiny piece of Coquitlam real estate, at 700 sq. ft., dates back to the war years and sits on a large lot that could be re-developed.
This house is less than 700 sq. ft. in size but sits on a 12,000 sq-ft. lot.

You don't see single family homes less than 700 sq. ft. in size very often.

In modern real estate jargon, such a home would be considered a "tiny" house or a "laneway" house and would sit at the back of someone's lot.

But back in 1944, when Canada was at war and materials may have been scarce, a one-bedroom, one bathroom home of 644 sq. ft. may not have been that unusual.

Today, such a house is for sale in Coquitlam for $1.42 million.

It's located near Mundy Park at 580 Linton St., and sits on a large lot that is more than 12,200 sq. ft. in size.

Nestled amidst large fir trees, the home looks much like it did when it was built, except for some brick cladding and window treatments.

It sits immediately next to a brand new home.

Location and the large lot are what give the home appeal, according to the listing on

The property at 580 Linton St. is located within walking distance to transit, schools, and shopping, the listing reads.

"Take advantage of this rare opportunity to purchase 82-foot frontage, with an approximate 147-foot depth, for a total of approximately 12,201 sq. ft."

The home does not have heritage significance, according to the listing, and could be knocked down to build someone's dream home.

According to BC Assessment, the home was assessed at $1.64 million on July 1, 2022, and there has been no sales history for three years.

As cute as this 79-year-old house is, it's been on the market for 778 days, according to the listing.