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Tri-Cities Triple O's celebrating 25 years of burgers, shakes and secret sauce

Here's how the popular B.C. restaurant's is marking its silver anniversary.
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On Sept. 20, 2022, Triple O's will offer its Original Burger for what it was in 1997, $3.49, with 50 cents from each burger sold going to support Food Banks BC.

For a quarter-century, Tri-Cities residents have indulged on burgers slathered in a special sauce that remains a secret to this day.

And yet, no one seems to matter because it's been a symbol of B.C. comfort food.

On Tuesday (Sept. 20), and Tuesday only, Triple O's is set to celebrate its 25th year of business by offering its original burger for the price it was when the first restaurant of the White Spot chain opened in 1997 — $3.49.

"We're beyond grateful for the loyalty and support over 25 years from our partners, guests, suppliers, team members, and franchisees," said Warren Erhart, President of White Spot and Triple O's, in a news release.

Additionally, Triple O's is donating 50 cents from every original burger sold to Food Banks BC, which supports 105 hunger relief agencies in the province.

The company believes giving back to the community is a key element of its anniversary celebration. 

"In these challenging times, many people are turning to food banks for assistance. Our work at Food Banks BC is made possible because of campaigns such as Triple O's 25th Anniversary Celebration," said Dan Huang-Taylor, Food Banks BC executive director in the same statement.

"We are deeply grateful for our partnership with Triple O's and their support in the fight against hunger in B.C."

In the Tri-Cities, Triple O's' United Boulevard location is set to participate in the initiative:

And since their Robson Street debut in 1997, Triple O's has expanded beyond B.C. to Alberta, Ontario and across Asia.

According to Triple O's, up until 2021, enough burgers have been flipped and served to equal 29 "Big Nickels" (the nine-metre replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel in Sudbury, Ont.), cooked all the bacon to wrap around Stanley Park more than 300 times and sliced more pickles than the length of more than 2,560 football fields.

For more information about Triple O's 25th anniversary, you can visit the celebration's website.