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VIDEO: Tiny weasel with a big appetite filmed grabbing dinner in Port Coquitlam garage

A Port Coquitlam resident sees nature at its wildest as he films videos of bears, deer, coyotes and even a weasel grabbing dinner in his garage.

Sometimes the tiniest creatures can be the most ferocious.

Rick Longworth recently caught a night-time video of a weasel dragging a rat or a squirrel out of hiding and scampering away with his large meal.

The weasel footage is among compilations of several animal videos the Port Coquitlam resident has shot around his yard and put on Facebook to give his fellow community members a window on wildlife in the area.

Some were taken via security camera, others with his smart phone.

Among the animals he’s photographed have been bears, coyotes and deer.

“I have had a lot of personal encounters with most of the wildlife in the pics,” Longworth wrote to the Tri-City News, adding he’s even witnessed black bears mating in his yard.

But the feisty weasel is among the more assertive creatures Longworth has filmed.

They are an at-risk species in the province, according to B.C. government information, and have such a high metabolism they have to eat constantly. 

They’ll even pounce on creatures as large as they are, like rats or squirrels.

In the above video shot by security camera, the weasel in Longworth’s garage poked his snout into a corner and then grabbed the rodent and dragged him away.

But for Longworth, nature is part of his every day life and something he enjoys — even if it’s sometimes very graphic.

“I find that caution and respect as well as patience is all that is needed to get along with wildlife,” Longworth said.

PortCoquitlamWeaselGarageDinnerRickLongworthA weasel was capture on night video outside a Port Coquitlam garage grabbing what appears to be another rodent of its same size for dinner. By Rick Longworth