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Was your coin collection stolen in 2018? B.C. RCMP hope to return it to the rightful owner

Mounties in Surrey found the booklet of old change during a 2018 criminal investigation.
RCMP in B.C. are looking to reunite someone with their sentimental coin collection after it was found during a 2018 investigation in Surrey.

B.C. RCMP recovered a coin collection during a criminal investigation three years ago, and is now looking to reunite it with the rightful owner.

Mounties in Surrey are reaching out in hopes someone will come forward to claim the booklet of old change as it's believed to have some sort of personal value.

"Although this coin collection may not have significant monetary value, it may hold sentimental value to its rightful owner," explains spokesperson Cpl. Vanessa Munn in a news release.

"Looking at the collection it is apparent that someone invested time into organizing and cataloging the coins."

The collection was recovered in December 2018. More specifically, it's said to have been taken before Dec. 19 that year.

It was found inside a vehicle during an investigation, but the occupants didn't claim ownership for the coins leading RCMP to believe they were stolen.

However, there have been no recent reports of stolen or lost coins in Surrey's system that match the collection's description, so the detachment reaching out to the public in hopes of finding the owner.

If the coin collection is believed to be yours, you're encouraged to call Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

Mounties explain claimants must be required to provide an accurate description of the collection to prove ownership.