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Watch: All hail April weather as wild storm hits Metro Vancouver with hail, snow, rain

We've seen it all before 8 a.m. today!
Snow falls on the SFU campus Tuesday, April 12, 2022, as seen from the campus cameras


People across Metro Vancouver up with the sun Tuesday (April 12) experienced a gamut of weather thanks to a storm system hitting the region as the day got underway. 

Rain, snow, and extended periods of hail - and graupel - came down on communities along B.C.'s south coast, along with several reports of thunder and lightning.

"So far this morning I have already seen rain, hail, graupel, snow, wind, black skies, lightning, and sunshine. It's only 740 a.m." tweeted Vancouver weather enthusiast Brad Atchison, who shared a few videos of what he saw.

A snowfall warning for Tuesday was issued for some parts of Metro Vancouver. 

"The south coast remains under the influence of a cold and unstable airmass," read Environment Canada's warning.

"A low pressure system offshore will draw in moisture resulting in convective flurries similar to Sunday's weather across the Lower Mainland. While snow is possible even down to sea level, the higher elevations are more likely to see accumulating snow.

"The snowfall accumulation will be highly variable and dependent on precipitation rate, and surface and air temperature."

Snow fell across the Strait of Georgia, stunning residents of Victoria and Nanaimo.

Environment Canada's Tuesday forecast for Metro Vancouver calls for showers, possible thunderstorms, and snow at higher elevations this morning and again this evening.