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What do Tri-City politicians own and owe? Their disclosures are out

Municipal halls across the Tri-Cities on Monday released disclosure statements — annual forms that show what our local mayors and councillors own and owe.
Port Coquitlam city hall.

Municipal halls across the Tri-Cities Monday (Jan. 17) released disclosure statements — annual forms that show what our local mayors and councillors own and owe.

But, as in previous years, the paperwork that’s required under the Financial Disclosure Act offers few details, nor provides context, about the assets, liabilities and other sources of income of the elected officials who control the city’s books.

For example, under the current rules, mayors and councillors don’t have to say if they own property outside of the regional district. As well, council members 

  • don’t have to disclose corporate assets if they own less than 30 per cent of shares
  • don’t have to state what they owe on their mortgages, and money borrowed for household or personal living expenses
  • don’t have to list assets in which they hold in trust for others

Still, the forms do provide a glimpse into their work and financial affairs outside of the council chambers, as well as where their individual interests lie.

The 2021 disclosure forms, which were obtained electronically by the Tri-City News, are available for public inspection at city halls; however, the City of Port Moody posts its statements online via its website: (under Meet our Council).

The following are listed in alphabetical order:


  • Brent Asmundson: Besides his Burke Mountain property, Coun. Asmundson has another piece of land in the northeast of the city. He collects remuneration for his work as a Metro Vancouver alternate director.
  • Craig Hodge: Coun. Hodge lists 55 corporations in which he holds one or more shares. He also draws an income as the owner of Craig Hodge & Associates, as a Metro Vancouver director and as a board member of the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).
  • Steve Kim: Coun. Kim lists five creditors with whom he has debts. He has property in Surrey and receives wages as the owner of Boilingpoint Communications and for his Metro Vancouver work.
  • Trish Mandewo: Coun. Mandewo has shares in eight corporations including Synergy Executive & Boards Consulting Group, of which she is the co-owner and CEO of the recruitment company. She is a mentor-in-residence at SFU.
  • Dennis Marsden: With assets in True North Business Consultation (government relations) and Clean Air Organics, of which he is principal and president, respectively, Coun. Marsden also draws income as principal of Dennis Marsden Consulting and for his Metro Vancouver committee work.
  • Richard Stewart: Mayor Stewart has an inactive holding company from his parents’ estate, as well as two properties (other than his personal residence) in Coquitlam. He’s the proprietor of Stewart Communications and receives remuneration for his work on Metro Vancouver, TransLink and the Municipal Finance Authority.
  • Teri Towner: Coun. Towner lists no assets or liabilities. She gains remuneration as a Metro Vancouver committee member, and she owns property in Burnaby.
  • Chris Wilson: Coun. Wilson, who owns property close to his home, is paid for his Metro Vancouver work, as well as executive director of KidSport Tri-Cities. He has liabilities with four creditors, and he named the 48 corporations with which he has assets.



  • Steve Darling: A well-known broadcaster, Coun. Darling lists no assets or liabilities, and earns remuneration from Metro Vancouver and Proactive Investors.
  • Laura Dupont: Other than her employment as a city councillor, Coun. Dupont — the federal NDP candidate in the 2021 election and the president of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association — lists nothing on her disclosure form.
  • Nancy McCurrach: A retiree under the Telecommunication Workers Pension Plan, Coun. McCurrach is also paid for her Metro Vancouver and E-Comm work. She has assets in three companies and lists no liabilities.
  • Darrell Penner: Coun. Penner has no assets or liabilities listed. Besides being a Metro Vancouver representative, he also works for Meridian Meats & Seafood and as a contractor (musician) for Meridian Arms Pub. Penner has land in Maple Ridge and a one per cent ownership in a Port Coquitlam property.
  • Glenn Pollock: The constituency assistant for Port Coquitlam MLA Mike Farnworth, Coun. Pollock lists no assets, liabilities or other sources of income.
  • Dean Washington: The president of RPM Media and Grip Tire Stores, Coun. Washington has assets in both companies. He lists no liabilities nor corporate assets.
  • Brad West: Mayor West lists no assets nor liabilities on his form; however, for income, he earns remuneration as a Metro Vancouver director, TransLink member and Municipal Finance Authority trustee.



  • Diana Dilworth: Besides her city and Metro Vancouver gigs, Coun. Dilworth is the director of government relations for the Homebuilders’ Association of Vancouver. She lists no liabilities, and her assets are RRSP investments.
  • Meghan Lahti: The owner/operator of Sweet and Savoury Pie Company, Coun. Lahti lists no other sources of income and no assets, liabilities or property.
  • Amy Lubik: Coun. Lubik is a UBCM member at large, as well as a policy analyst for Fraser Health. She lists no assets, liabilities or property.
  • Hunter Madsen: Coun. Madsen draws an income for his Metro Vancouver work and as a photographic artist via He lists no assets, liabilities or property.
  • Steve Milani: A partner with Music Maestro DJ Service, Coun. Milani lists no other sources of income and no assets, liabilities or property.
  • Zoe Royer: With assets in three companies, Coun. Royer also has two creditors with whom she owes debts. Besides her civic duties, she draws an income as the president and CEO of Sweetheart Bakery World, which publishes children’s educational and creative materials. Royer has corporate assets with four holding companies, as well as Omnitek Investments (real estate).
  • Robert Vagramov: Mayor Vagramov holds assets with eight firms, and he doesn’t list any liabilities or property. He also draws an income from his Metro Vancouver and TransLink work.