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What will these two popular Port Moody parks look like in 10 years?

A survey is set to determine how local residents utilize the green spaces and provide direction for future city staff and council members.

Rocky Point Park and Old Orchard Park — two Port Moody destinations that border the Burrard Inlet and provide stunning views across all four seasons.

Both have green spaces large enough to host hundreds of people looking to lay out in the sun or enjoy a picnic, and utilize other amenities on site, including multiple playgrounds and a spray park.

Now, the city is wanting to know how the public continues to use the parks and what they may look like in the next decade.

Engage Port Moody has launched a survey on that very subject with a goal of finding tangible ideas, suggestions and potential improvements to meet the demand of the growing community.

Between now and Aug. 16, residents and visitors are encouraged to voice their opinions on the future of Rocky Point and Old Orchard parks, and where improvements are needed.

There's currently a draft update to the existing Rocky Point Park Master Plan and one is in the works for Old Orchard, city spokesperson Lindsay Todd explains.

She says the plans are set to guide city staff and council for the next 10 years when it comes to making decisions on the parks' facilities, trails and open spaces.

"Your participation will help us ensure these unique outdoor spaces can continue to support our diverse community into the future."

Todd says, in addition to the survey, Port Moody is looking to hear personal stories from local residents about Rocky Point and Old Orchard parks that may signal the need for upgrades or improvements.

When complete, the master plans will be tentatively presented to city council as early as May 2023.

As well, two open houses are scheduled this weekend as part of the survey's process:

For more information and to participate in the survey, you're encouraged to visit Engage Port Moody's website.