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Where's the cheapest — and most expensive — gas in the Tri-Cities right now?

While the cheapest remains unchanged, most Tri-Cities gas prices have slightly dipped in the last seven days.
While the cheapest remains unchanged, Tri-Cities gas prices have slightly dipped in the last seven days.

The Tri-Cities is still home to the cheapest fuel available in all of Metro Vancouver.

The lowest price remains unchanged from last Friday (April 21) at 179.9 cents per litre, posted at Port Coquitlam's Costco (2370 Ottawa St.) per

However, there was a slight dip in the next best price, which is among the top 10 least expensive in Metro Vancouver's region.

Coquitlam's Esso and Smart Stop in Austin Heights is offering 183.9 cents per litre, as of this publication (April 28).

The median for gas in the Tri-Cities also dropped to 184.9 cents per litre this week, and it appears Esso and Shell are the hot spots for lower prices (see below).

Last week's average, 185.9 cents per litre, is now the most expensive for commuters in the region.

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Meanwhile, the cheapest price for gas in all of B.C. has stayed the same for a second straight week.

Trail's Chevron gas station (860 Victoria St.) is still selling gas for 157.1 cents per litre, as well as the Petro-Canada outlet five minutes west on Schofield Highway.

Tri-Cities' top 10 cheap fuel prices

The following prices are the best available in the Tri-Cities as of 10:15 a.m. today: