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YEAR OF THE TIGER: What Tri-City residents can eat to bring good fortune in 2022

What, and where to eat in Coquitlam during the Lunar New Year festivities, which start Feb. 1 for the Year of the Tiger.
LNY- family eating
Family eating and celebrating Lunar New Year.

Chinese New Year meals not only have symbolic meanings — they’re also designed to bring in good fortune.

Here are some traditional dishes that are served for reunions, as well as what they represent or resemble: 

  • Spring rolls = gold bars
  • Noodles = longevity
  • Dumplings = richness
  • Sweet rice balls = unity
  • Whole fish = abundance
  • Citrus fruits = happiness
  • Nian gao cake = health
  • Eight treasure rice = sweetness
  • Prosperity cake = luck



Here are some of the restaurants celebrating Lunar New Year.

The directory is courtesy of Visit Coquitlam (in no particular order):

  • HQ Chinese Skillet, 204-403 North Rd.
  • Zhou’s Chinese Restaurant, 130-1960 Como Lake Ave.
  • Xiang Yuan Qiao Yun Nan Cross Bridge Rice Noodle Chinese Restaurant, 112-3030 Lincoln Ave.
  • Tong’s Chinese Gourmet House, 2080-1163 Pinetree Way
  • Mei Le Bakery & Chinese Restaurant, 112-100 Schoolhouse St.
  • Lucky Gate Chinese Restaurant, 2-1139 Austin Ave.
  • King Wuu Chinese Food Store, 1135-1163 Pinetree Way
  • Jujube Chinese Restaurant, B-501 North Rd.
  • Jasmine Club Chinese Restaurant, 101-1001 Austin Ave.
  • Ham Ji Bak Korean-Chinese Fusion, 119-2918 Glen Dr.
  • Hee Rae Deung Korean-Chinese Restaurant, 24-425 North Rd.
  • Geum Hong Chinese Cuisine, 119-2918 Glen Dr.
  • Bbong Korean-Chinese Restaurant, 260-329 North Rd.
  • Gold Flower Castle - Kum Hwa Ru Korean Restaurant, 1163 Pinetree Way
  • Tiki-Ming, Coquitlam Centre mall, 2628-2929 Barnet Hwy.
  • The Walee Bistro, Henderson Centre mall, 2092-1163 Pinetree Way
  • Sun Star Restaurant, 631 Lougheed Hwy.
  • North Garden Café Restaurant, 411-552 Clarke Rd.
  • General R, 2106-1163 Pinetree Way
  • Me and Crepe, 2-555 Clarke Rd.
  • Kam Ding Seafood Restaurant, 3021 Anson Ave.
  • J’s Wok Restaurant, C-1052 Austin Ave.
  • Chuan Yan Gourmet Food, 2102-1163 Pinetree Way
  • Grand Seasons Restaurant, 6-555 Clarke Rd.
  • Deer Garden Restaurant, 1045-1163 Pinetree Way
  • Copa Café, 300-1175 Johnson St.
  • M Café, 2773 Barnet Hwy.
  • Woking Dragon China Bistro, 101-1196 Lansdowne Dr.
  • Hon’s Wun-Tun House, 310-3025 Lougheed Hwy.
  • Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, 2080 United Blvd.
  • Grand Palace Restaurant, Henderson Centre, 2001-1163 Pinetree Way

At each establishment, you're encouraged to call for a reservation in advance.

For a list of other Asian cuisines in the city, you can go to Visit Coquitlam's website.